Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you own an HP DesignJet 5500 large format printer... not, I repeat, do not press and hold down the "Form Feed & Trim" button.

This will not, as one might assume, feed out and trim a length of paper commensurate with the length of holding down the button so that you can start with a nice, clean fresh surface on which to print a nice, clean undergraduate research poster on. Instead, the machine will interpret such holding down of the button as a series of individual presses of the button and proceed to feed out and trim 100s of individual 2-inch strips of paper.

Please note as well:
The "Cancel" button does not, in fact, cancel this operation. Nor does the "Power" button. Nor does unplugging the machine. Nor does swearing at said machine such obscenities as to have made Blackbeard himself uncomfortable.

I hate this machine. Again.

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Gibbon Jockey said...

I've still got a Tiger Beat with those two hot chicks from Nelson. Dreeeeaaammmmy.

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