Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Encyclopedia of Life now online...sort of

I was pretty excited to get an email announcing the launch of the Encyclopedia of Life. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be quite ready to receive the multitude of visitors that are trying to get there and the site is "Temporarily Unavailble". There was also a link to a newsletter in the email I recieved, but the link brings up the dreaded "Page Not Found" error.

I suppose it is not so bad a thing that folks are overwhelming the server to get EOL. It means there is lots of interest in the project. I assume that they have IT folks working on the problem as I write and the situation will be resolved soon.

For the time being, you can check out this NY Times article on the project, courtesy of Carl Zimmer.

UPDATE: the site now appears to be accessible. However it is loading very slowly.

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