Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They giveth and they taketh away

Apparently I'm a lucky guy. Not only did I win a t-shirt from Seed, but I also won an iPod:
Hi there,

Congratulations! You've won a prize in the ScienceBlogs DonorsChoose Challenge Contest.

Your generous donation has helped to increase science literacy in a public school classroom. As if that weren't reward enough, you're soon to be the proud owner of a brand new iPod!! courtesy of Seed.

To claim your prize, please send a valid mailing address. We will pack up your winnings and get them to you shortly.

Thanks again for reading ScienceBlogs and giving to DonorsChoose through our blogger challenges. You're wonderful.

Best wishes,

The Seed Team

Then again, maybe I'm not so lucky. It turns out that my previous t-shirt win disqualifies me from my iPod win:

Hi again Jim,

I'm really, really sorry, but when I picked your name for the iPod I
didn't realize that you had already won a t-shirt. Our rules say that
the ipod drawing was only for names that hadn't yet won a prize, so
I'm going to have to choose someone else for the pod.

Totally my fault, and so sorry to disappoint you!

Ginny Hughes, Seed

I emailed Seed asking if they could give the t-shirt to someone else. You know, cause I don't want to be greedy. They said it was out of their hands now, but they're sorry for their mistake.

At least they'll be sending my t-shirt soon. Can't wait. Really, who would want an iPod instead of a yellow t-shirt?

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Rick MacPherson said...

don't feel so bad... i too allegedly "won" a yellow t-shirt... that was 3 weeks ago... i think it may have also fallen into your ipod black hole...

must keep repeating to myself: i don't need the premium... i don't need the premium... i don't need the premium...