Tuesday, November 27, 2007

digital cameras - blessing or a curse?

I got my first digital camera just over a year ago - a Pentax K100D. Since that time I have taken nearly 3,000 photos - mostly of the kids with a smattering of other family. Unfortunately, most of those photos are sitting on my computer's hard drive. When I was shooting film I took fewer photos, but at least I had really nice prints that went into albums and that I could give to family and friends. Now I am simply overwhelmed with digital files.

So, I recently plunged in and formated a small subset of these pictures and got them online and had prints made. I decided that I should start with the most recent (Jack on skates) and work my way back through the summer. I'm rather proud of myself and these images and what good is taking pictures if you don't share them. So, if anyone is interested, go check out my online photo albums. (you'll need Flash Player to see them)


Kevin Z said...

Linda regularly prints off her favorite photos of the kids about once a month or so. For small pictures 4x6 or less, she uses snapfish, but larger portrait pictures don't tend to turn out so well sometimes. But I'm in the same boat. I have tons o pictures that I need to delete in order to clear some space for actual work. We are thinking of investing in a huge LaCie, maybe 500gb, backup drive to burn all our photos and music too (and sell off/get rid of 1000+ cd collections).

Jim Lemire said...

I need to invest in a backup drive too to make sure those files don't disappear one day. Also another reason why I have to get more prints made - at least then there's a hard copy for a while.

I use a local Providence photo place called Abar - not sure where the name comes from, but they're exceptional in terms of quality and service. CVS and other "one-hour" photo shops don't even come close.

Dale McGowan said...

I vote for blessing, even though we're up to 11,000 pix. Once in a while I go through and kill them in their hundreds.

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Digital cameras are convenient. You just have to practice organizing though.