Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Dial Stopper - Anniversary Edition

Tomorrow is Linda's and my 10-year wedding anniversary. Yes, I said 10 years. We've actually known each other for 16 years - since our first year at Bowdoin. In 16 years, we've helped each other through the good and the bad of our undergraduate years, med/graduate school in Iowa (yes, I said, Iowa), residency, two kids, living on the Hopi Indian Reservation, my numerous "career" changes, two George W. Bush terms (no good, all bad), and countless family crises (large and small, real and imagined) and celebrations (often one and the same depending on your point of view). We drive each other crazy, we keep each other sane. If that makes sense to you, you "get it", much like Billy Idol...

Ti amo, mia lumaca!

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Dale McGowan said...

What a coincidence -- my marriage has also survived two George W. Bush terms.

Happy anniversary, J&L!


Unknown said...

Wow, that was the father-daughter dance at some wedding I may have been too.

oh wait, you played billy idol....i thought you meant Whitney Houston.

my mistake