Wednesday, August 13, 2008

D.C. Vacation

The whole fam damily is headed to D.C. for a few days of vacation before the school year starts up again. Here's a short list of things we'll hopefully be getting to:

  • National Aquarium in Baltimore

  • National Zoo

  • Smithsonian Natural History Museum

  • various monuments (Emma really wants to see the one with "Abraham Lincoln sitting down")

  • The White House (as opposed to say, a beach volleyball match in Beijing)

  • I'm open to other suggestions if you've got them (remember, we'll be dealing with a 4- and 7-year old). Em heard from a friend who heard from a friend that the Spy Museum was fun - anyone have first-hand experience and care to corroborate this?


    Anonymous said...

    If you get to the zoo, you might want to check out the invertebrate house. The Macrobrachium rosenbergii they have is impressive -- but as my blog attests, I am probably biased.

    Unknown said...

    I'm assuming you pointed out the A and the L in sign language with the Emancipator's hands?