Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marine bio Camp - day 5 recap

Today's Itinerary:
Morning Session
Trawling on the 54' fishing vessel, the Captain Bert - students got to see the deployment of a smallish otter trawl and learn some fish biology while examining the haul;
Our catch included fluke, flounder, lobstahs, sea robins, scup/porgies, and squid;
Observe fluke dissection - examine internal anatomy and stomach contents (two recently eaten scup);

Afternoon Session
Winkler titrations of light/dark bottles from yesterday;
determine and graph primary productivity (gross and net) and respiration rates for surface and deep water;

Evening Lecture
Marine Mammals, given by yours truly (why me? cause our resident marine mammologist is on sabbatical and I lost the coin flip; thank goodness for wikipedia!)


Kevin Zelnio said...

I am so jealous! I hope these kids (aside from the dork who thought it sucked) realize the opportunity they have. I never could have dreamed of such a thing as teen in Iowa.

Maybe next year I can come out to do a crash course in invert anatomy?

Jim Lemire said...

A guest speaker, huh? I like that - less work for me! You may be on to something here, Kev

Kevin Zelnio said...

Fly me out and cover my expenses (and beer tab) and lets call it even!