Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Dial Stopper - bonus post

Although I already posted an FDS today, I wanted to share this live video of Putnam Smith, a fellow Bowdoinite who graduated a couple of years ahead of me. He and his then-musical-partner, Bryn (collectively known as Bryn and Putt) used to play at Jack Magee's Pub (and before that in the old Moulton Union pub) on campus and I very fondly remember attending as many shows as I could. They did a kick-ass cover of R.E.M.'s It's the End of the World As We Know It and the Lemonhead's Being Around (at least I think that was it; I just remember everyone calling it the "booger song") . I recently discovered that Putt has continued making music and is performing in the Northeast this summer. Check out his music at his website - his new CD, this blue, is excellent.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Fantastic recommendation! Checked out his myspace page and put an order in!

Jim Lemire said...

Glad you checked it out - I thought it seemed like something right up your alley - folky, bluesy, americana. And a banjo too.

I've been listening to the CD all day today. I think I like it even more now than when I first got it.

Alex said...

Wow, I remember Bryn and Putt! That brings me right back to Brunswick, 1994.