Friday, February 23, 2007

Winds of change...and a Giant Colossal Squid

Sorry I haven't added anything here recently, but I have been busy starting up at my new job - teaching AP Biology at North Attleboro High...

...OK, admit it, how many of you fell for that?

Seriously, I do have a new job. I'm the (get ready for this title) Coordinator for the Center for Undergraduate Research, Education, and Outreach in Marine Life Sciences at Roger Williams University. Basically, the colleges and universities in Rhode Island got a large grant to bolster undergraduate research in the state. Roger Williams used part of the grant money to create my position to help them organize, publicize, and increase their undergraduate research experience, particularly in Marine Biology. The job will involve a lot of different things, including collaborating with the other colleges in the state to form "research partnerships" between students and scientists at different schools. I'll also be creating a website to showcase the excellent student research that is being done at Roger Williams. I'll also be teaching a couple of courses starting in the Fall. Did I mention making newletters and issuing press releases? Or what about helping bring some grant money in? Organizing an intensive summer research program?

Yeah, I should be busy. But hopefully not so busy that I can't add a few things to this blog every week. In fact, given the salty nature of my new job, here's a quick link for ya:

Colossal Squid Caught - the largest squid ever caught (approx: 33 feet, 1,000 lbs)

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Spielah said...

This was one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. 33 foot colossal squids its like a fantasy land that I must visit. I can't believe these kind of discoveries. Im pretty tall and if that thing was standing next to me it would be over five times taller than me. I would not want to be anywhere near that kind of squid. Keep up the amazing posts. I cant imagine what kind of will power it would take to raise a 1000 pound squid and put it in the hull of your ship. Pretty cool discovery any way you look at it.