Friday, September 12, 2008

"...set an open course for the virgin sea"

2008 - 2009 ANNOUNCEMENT

SEA is now accepting applications for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Sea Education Association now offers three unique opportunities for undergraduates to spend a semester studying the oceans in the world-renown oceanographic community of Woods Hole, MA and aboard one of our modern sailing research vessels during an oceanic passage in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

SEA Semester: Ocean Exploration - This long-standing, innovative program offers students of all majors a multidisciplinary approach to studying the world's oceans from scientific, maritime cultural, and modern seafaring perspectives. Celestial navigation, meteorology, seamanship, oceanographic sampling techniques and research, and maritime history, literature and policy comprise the core curriculum.

SEA Semester: Documenting Change in the Caribbean - Humanities, Environmental Studies, Geography and Social Sciences students are prepared for an extraordinary project-based academic experience. Few regions have seen such enormous changes in the last five centuries as the islands in the Caribbean Sea. Today, there is a dynamic mix of cultures and biota in the islands that bears little resemblance to the world encountered by Christopher Columbus. Students explore how we can document these changes using maps and charts, historical documents, commercial records, harbor pilots, species surveys, and the literature of Caribbean people from both the Colonial and post-Colonial periods.

SEA Semester: Oceans & Climate - For advanced science students. This program focuses on the importance of the equatorial Pacific to the global carbon cycle, and culminates in a trans-equatorial research cruise from either Mexico to Tahiti or Tahiti to Hawaii. SEA faculty and visiting researchers from across the country engage students in oceanography, ocean policy and the operation a sailing research vessel.

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Dr. Scott Veirs said...

Ahoy Jim,

SEA is offering some great new programs. They've changed a lot since I worked with them in the late '90s.

If you or any of your students (all majors!) are interested in marine environmental issues of the Pacific Northwest, you should check out Beam Reach -- a marine science and sustainability program inspired by SEA. We offer an analogous, intense field science experience, approved for 18 credits by the University of Washington.

Beam Reach is unique because we sail on a biodiesel-electric catamaran in a different part of the oceans and focus our students' research on bioacoustic exploration of endangered marine animals, like killer whales and the salmon they eat.

Keep up the enlightening blog articles,