Monday, January 28, 2008

Chuck D, Emma G, and spineless socks

Had to share some recently-acquired gifts. Yes, I'm showing off and want you all to be insanely jealous.

First up, a pair of finger puppets from my sister-in-law. That there's Uncle Chuck on the left and Auntie Em, "The Most Dangerous Woman in America", on the right:

These and much much more can be found at The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. (and no, it's not entirely a coincidence that my daughter is named Emma. My son? Oh, he's named after a seafaring captain of course).

Second, a pair of home-knit socks from my mother-in-law that will make all you invert fans envious (yes, I'm talking about you, KZ). Besides being stylish and super-comfy, they're made from crab and shrimp chitin! (actually, from a yarn called TOFUtsies, which contains chitin fibers)

So, I've got radical, free-thinkers on my fingers and crustaceans on my feet. What could be better?

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