Sunday, January 28, 2007


Just wanted to thank you all for being a great class and for keeping me somewhat sane during my brief time at AHS. I truly am grateful to have met you all and to have been your teacher. I tried to make biology as exciting and interesting as I think it is and I wish you all good luck as you enter your last semester of high school. I know that this transition is less than ideal, but I also know that you, as a class, and Ms. Ravesi will move forward without missing a step - just keep working together and pushing forward like you've done all year so far. Each of you brings different talents to the classroom, which is one of the things that I enjoyed most - the combination of personalities that made the classroom comfortable, engaging, dynamic, interesting, and fun. I will miss you.

Even though I cannot be there for you in the classroom, I am going to try to keep posting interesting/useful items here on the blog. Also, feel free to email me if I can help you with anything - or post questions here.

Well, all for now. For those of you who see this, please relay my sentiments to the rest of the class. Thanks and good luck!

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Spielah said...

I really enjoyed the time you spent with us Mr. Lemire. I thought things went as smooth as a baby's bottom. The last day was a good time that I will never forget. Pebbles and Bam Bam, pretty classy. Thanks for all the good times and since I'm one of the only people still visiting the blog and deep sea news I will pass on the message. Thanks for teaching us for the time that you did. Just want to let you know I hold know grudges against you or anything. I would rather you bow out than be out of your mind with us and other classes for the next semester. I know it was mostly not us, but we are still a little crazy. Thank you again and good luck to you in whatever you pursue from here.- SPIELER