Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lucy's "Baby"

This isn't really relevant to stuff we're talking about in class, but I thought it was an interesting discovery.

Scientists have unearthed the world's oldest human child - an amazingly complete fossil that dates to beyond 3 million years ago. Human evolution is not a topic we will cover much (if at all) in class and is something I wish I knew more about simply because I find it intereting to think about. If anyone is interested in this topic I have a pretty good book you could take a look at and there are a few websites out there I am sure we could dig up.

Anyways, here's the link to the National Geographic story:

World's Oldest Child


Spielah said...

That is a really cool story. It's amazing how they can date those fossils. I wonder how archaeologists know that the skeleton is 10,000 years older than Lucy though. Its really interesting that it was found so close to Lucy too. I didn't quite understand how the knee caps of a 3 year old could be no bigger than the size of a freeze dried pea though. It would be so amazing to find the evolution of human kind from childhood all the way up until death, but the chances of that aren't very likely, at least for another hundred years or so. Anyway, thanks for the article, see everyone in class.

Lindsey said...

that's amazing. imagine that a being so old could still help us so much this much later in time. To have evolved to the point where we can explore our past is incredible. The preservation even if natural makes me think, wow . Even if we lost all data about evolution there is still proof of and from the past.