Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Montreal, whatcha gonna do when Lucic runs wild on you? Oooh yeah!

Advance apologies for the violence of this post, but it's Stanley Cup playoff time in the Hub once again and left winger Milan Lucic is bringing some toughness back to the B's. For those of you who don't like fighting, hockey or other atavistic displays of testosterone, just ignore this post. Intelligent posting will resume shortly.

(BTW Boston is the #8 seed; the Habs are the #1; the B's lost all 8 regular season games against Montreal this year; Lucic beating someone up may be all that I can hope for in this series)


Anonymous said...

Milan is hotttttt! oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

yeah i know, he's so gorgeous, I want his bawd so badd!!!